Wednesday, December 28, 2016


from the Allreds

1 cup of rinsed millet
2 cups water (bring to a rolling boil then add the rinsed millet) and cover in the Platinum 3 Quart.
Reduce the heat to level two and set your timer for twenty minutes.
Now while the millet is cooking, this is when you create your own masterpiece by adding finely chopped items:
Green onion
Red onion
Tomatoes (I chop up four small ones)
1 large avocado (cut into small chunks)
Your millet should be done cooking by now. Spoon out your desired amount of millet into whatever plate or bowl you want to use. Then add the before mentioned toppings to the millet, sprinkle your favorite seasoning, drizzle a little olive oil and a bit of Braggs liquid amino acid flavoring. This brings everything together to create the best breakfast you will ever have.

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